Purpose & Values


Our people are passionate about Africa. This is rooted in our founding philosophy of “Africapitalism” which propounds that the private sector has a role to play and should be at the forefront of economic development in Africa by investing for the long-term in key sectors that will create both social and economic prosperity for all stakeholders.

Because of Africapitalism, we have chosen to operate in a sustainable manner that speaks to our purpose of improving lives and transforming the African continent. It guides our operations and our approach to business.



Deeply rooted in our employees are our values, which drive us towards a common sense of purpose to create long lasting value for all our stakeholders. We refer to these values as ‘The triple Es’ as listed below;


What sets us apart is our individual and collective responsibility to take ownership of our deliverables and lead innovative initiatives.


We go several steps beyond the norm to deliver measurable value to our stakeholders.


We believe in hard work and seeing through ideas from conception through to achieving excellent results.